Gregor Robertson


Gregor Robertson

    Gregor Robertson is a British Columbia Canada Vancouver mayor. In 2008 he was elected mayor of Vancouver on behalf of Wei Jing success, prior to the New Democratic Party of British Columbia party members as Vancouver - Lijing District members.


    Gregor Robertson is a descendant of Bethune, in 1982 from the north of Vancouver City, Carson Green graduated from high school admitted to the University of British Columbia, and later transferred to the United States of Colorado springs Colorado school to continue their studies, studying biology and English. He was going to return after graduation from the University of British Columbia, a medical student, but not accepted; this makes him reflect on your goals and ambitions. After he had been in the interior of British Columbia in the Cariboo farm work, and together with the wife in the Pacific in 18 month voyage. Two couples then went to New Zealand, Robertson Gregor, and found his interest in agriculture. He is 25 years old and after back in the vicinity of Fort Langley to buy land, expand farming life, and in 1994 set up a joint venture with friends Happy Planet organic juice company.


    In 2005, Gregor Robertson in British Columbia election success on behalf of the provincial new democratic party was elected to the Vancouver district - Regency members, and served as the New Democratic Party of tertiary education and small business commentator and Treasury commentator.
    In 2008, Robertson Gregor announced the participation of the mayor of Vancouver in the post, and in June of the same year in of the Grand View of the Vancouver mayor nomination primaries beat Lei Jianhua and Zheng Nuohua, successfully get the party nomination. He subsequently announced the dismissal of the provincial parliament, in effect in July 15th of the same year. His main opponent, as the representative of the non partisan Association leadbeater.
    Vancouver media in November 2008 about Gregor Robertson in June 2007 to take a train for the overhead charge zone fare, but across the two toll area, by Translink ticketing inspector after they owed $173 in fines. He explained that the move is to highlight the Translink fine details of injustice, but was Hriday and another candidate Anton criticism. Robertson Gregor eventually paid a fine.
    Gregor Robertson in Vancouver city in 2008 selected repel other candidates, was elected mayor of the city. He belongs to the great king of Vancouver also in the 10 seats in the City Council to get 7 seats.