President Dai Yudong in Cixian for the Annual Meeting of the Chinese Poetry Society

Publication date:12.10.2017      

11th October of 2017, Mr.DaiYudong went to Hebei in Cixian to take part in annual meeting ceremony of  Chinese Poetry Society. Cixian is under the jurisdiction of Hebei province Handan City, west of Taihang, North of the ancient Zhao, located in the Central Plains Economic Cooperation Zone center, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong Province for four, Henan province. As it was said in the poem red river written by YueFei  “Helan mountain"is the Helan mountain in Hebei Cixian , it is not a misinformation. It is rumored that the wild goose down south of Siberia to Cixian will no longer fly to south again. Tongquetai well-established also in the vicinity of Cixian.