United Association Of Mayos International

Chapter I General Provisions

The first is to strengthen the economic and cultural exchanges between countries around the world, promote the economic development of the global city, enhance the image of the city, the establishment of the International Federation of mayors (hereinafter referred to as the "association"). The association of directors, chairman, executive committee, Secretary binding.

Second names and places of registration

International mayor Union's English name is: Association of Mayors International United, English abbreviation UAMI.

The Federation is registered in Hague, Holland.

Third union nature

The Federation has entered the United Nations Economic and Social Council grant consultative status examination and approval procedures of the international civil society organization is a non-governmental, international city managers provide a platform for exchanges and cooperation of international nonprofit organization.

Fourth missions and missions

1 to develop and maintain a balanced and mutually shared policy based on the common interests of the city managers and their respective cities;

2 is committed to building a public platform that represents the objective interests and information of urban managers and their cities;

3 to help urban managers to actively respond to the opportunities, challenges and problems faced by urban development;

4 provide the city image promotion service;

5 to carry out various forms of training, improve the quality of urban managers and the level of modern urban management;

6 active communication and promotion of economic and cultural information, knowledge and technology between urban and urban management;

7 actively provide all kinds of information related to the Federation;

8 in the most extensive sense, in the context of the law, the implementation of all acts related to the above objectives.

Chapter II Member

Fifth Membership

1 in principle, the governing unit of the Council shall be the urban or urban social organization, and urban management shall join the association as a city representative.

2 the members of the Federation are divided into the chairman unit, the standing director unit and the ordinary unit.

3 honorary members need to have a higher social reputation all over the world, and according to the General Assembly resolution to become honorary members.

Sixth admission way

1 to more than two members recommended, fill in the membership application, by more than 2/3 members of Congress voted (included);

The Executive Committee shall notify in writing the 2 recommended;

3 the Executive Committee shall register each member's name, address and e-mail address. Each member must inform the Executive Committee of the address and any other changes. Members can check the registration information in the secretariat.

Seventh member rights

This union member shall enjoy the following rights:

1, with full voting rights, the right to vote and the right to be elected;

2, there are to the Federation of criticism, advice and report;

3, membership and shall be free;

4, in the discussion of the joint decision making and decision, there are reservations about the rights of different views;

5, have participated in the various activities of the joint right;

6, to recommend this federation members' rights.

Eighth member obligations

The Federation shall make the following obligations:

1 each member is obliged to pay an annual fee to this union. Annual fee amount is determined by the board of directors in accordance with the level of economic development of the member cities. In addition to the governing general assembly, other members of the honor without paying the cost of the above;

2 actively participate in the activities of the federation;

3 efforts to complete the tasks assigned by the federation;

4 unity and cooperation, strengthen exchanges with other members of the unit.

Ninth member termination

1 members may, in writing, notify the union of the termination of membership, and the union may, in accordance with the constitution, make a decision on the termination of membership.

2 members shall terminate the notice at least four (4) weeks at the end of each fiscal year.

Notice of termination of membership in the following circumstances can be effective immediately:

A. if the member can not continue to maintain its membership requirements;

B. in the defendant's knowledge of the "Holland civil code," according to the "code of civil law," the seventh chapter of the second chapter to make a legal form, merger or decomposition of the resolution of the decision within one month of the termination notice.

The 3 executive committee at the end of the fiscal year, the notice of termination of the following member identity:

A. in the current financial year, the repeated written notice is not made to the performance of its financial obligations: or

B. does not comply with the requirements specified in the articles of association.

If the association does not continue to maintain membership, the termination notice will take effect immediately. The termination notice shall be made in writing and the reasons for the termination of the membership.

4 if the member's conduct is in violation of the articles of association or the internal rules of the union, it is in violation of the decision of the union or the contempt of the union, the Union will decide to terminate its membership.

5 membership termination should be decided by the Executive Committee to make informed decisions as soon as possible, and involved in membership. The member who holds a question shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the board of directors within one month after receiving the notice. Membership in this period should be terminated. Members without the right to vote for the termination of the qualification.

Chapter III The organization and its methods, functions, rules of procedure

Article tenth the Joint Council, the chairman of the board, the Executive Committee, the Secretariat and other institutions.

Eleventh board of directors

The board of directors is the supreme authority of the federation. The board of directors is composed of all members. The board of directors shall exercise the following functions and powers in accordance with the constitution:

1. To formulate and revise the articles of association of this association;

2, the election and replacement of executive committee;

3, the Executive Committee approved the work report and financial report;

4, decide other important matters.

Twelfth of the Federation's first congress convened and presided over by the founding members, then director of the conference by the Committee convened and presided over by the presidium chairman.

Thirteenth Council members are divided into regular meetings and temporary meetings.

The notice shall be sent to each member by letter or by mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting. Does not include the notice of the day and the day of the meeting. Call notice shall include meeting place, time and agenda.

The regular annual general meeting shall be held once a year, and shall be held within six months after the end of the last fiscal year. On behalf of more than 1/10 registered member representatives, more than 1/3 of the Executive Committee propose to convene an interim meeting of the interim meeting shall be held.

The Fourteenth Congress convened by the committee, and the presidium chairman presided; chairman of the executive committee cannot or does not perform his duties, the vice chairman of the executive committee chaired the Executive Committee; vice chairman is unable to perform or fails to perform his duties, the Executive Committee jointly recommended by half or more of an executive Committee chaired.

The executive committee cannot perform or fails to perform the duties of the general assembly to convene members, representatives of the 1/10 member registration can convene and preside over.

The board of directors shall not make a resolution on the matters not included in the agenda, unless all members present or present at the meeting.

For all the members unanimously by the decision, if not through the voting session, as long as the notice board, which has the same effect with Congress resolution.

Each member shall have the right to vote, and the blank and invalid votes shall be deemed to have not been voted.

Members may authorize other member or members of the Executive Committee to attend the meeting.

Fanmoto Akihonomo or the law does not provide for the majority of votes, all meetings shall be adopted by the majority voting.

If the votes are equal, the proposal is deemed to be a veto.

Fifteenth resolutions of the general assembly of the board of directors to amend the constitution, as well as the merger, division, dissolution or change of the form of this union shall be approved by more than 2/3 of the directors or their representatives.

Sixteenth Chairmen

Chairman of the board of directors, the chairman of the group by honorary chairman and chairman of the unit, the rotating chairman of the unit elected by the chairman.

Honorary chairman for the honorary title; rotating chairman of the unit by the chairman of the board of directors, for a term of three months.

Chairman duties include: formal and informal meetings chaired by the union, and members of the association of the relevant affairs submitted to Congress to discuss to communicate, on behalf of the United will sound to the outside world on major issues, on behalf of the special meetings or seminars on the union speech.

Seventeenth Executive Committee

The 1 Federation Executive Committee members, for the people, by the board of directors elected, and according to the regulations, the board of directors may at any time be replaced or suspended. The term of 5 years, at the expiration of the term, may be re elected.

The following 2 cases, members of the executive committee should be retired:

A. as a voluntary resignation;

B. as death;

C. as bankruptcy;

D. as for the suspension of payment, or which is prescribed by law or the bankruptcy reorganization of debts;

E. as director of the conference to recall.

The 3 executive committee chairperson 1, honorary chairmen, deputy chairmen, vice chairman of several other members, elected by the committee, a term of 5 years, at the expiration of the term, may be re elected.

During the Council meeting, the executive committee meeting took responsibility.

Eighteenth the Executive Committee shall exercise the following powers:

(1) to be responsible for the convening of the general assembly, and to report to the board of directors;

(2) the resolution of the Executive Council of the executive council;

(3) to formulate the joint development plan;

(4) to formulate a scheme for the merger, division, change of the form and dissolution of the federation;

(5) to determine the internal management of the organization;

(6) determine the members of the Executive Committee of remuneration and terms of employment;

(7) to establish the basic management system of the Federation

The nineteenth committee consists of annual executive committee meetings and interim Executive Committee meeting. The annual executive committee meeting held once a year, and should be held within two months after the end of the previous fiscal year. The provisional executive committee meeting held regularly,

The board meeting shall be convened and presided over by the chairman; chairman is unable to perform or fails to perform his duties, the vice chairman shall convene and preside over; vice chairman is unable to perform or fails to perform his duties, the Executive Committee jointly recommended by half or more of an executive committee shall convene and preside over.

1/3 Executive Committee shall convene a committee meeting proposal.

The twentieth executive committee meeting shall be 2/3 above the Executive Committee to attend the meeting; the Executive Committee resolution must be approved by the Executive Committee 2/3 attended by more than valid.

The Executive Committee resolution should be taken by means of a vote, each member shall have one vote.

In the case of full compliance with the articles of association, the Executive Committee may formulate internal rules decision process. In addition, regardless of the internal rules of existence, the Executive Committee may decide the specific division of labor among the members.

The Executive Committee shall vote overwhelmingly passed a resolution. In the case of the same number of votes, the proposal will be deemed to be rejected.

The Executive Committee may by resolution by means of a telephone conference, all members of the Executive Committee shall be informed the meeting before the meeting and discuss matters, not against a resolution by this way.

The chairman of the twenty-first Committee

The Executive Committee shall have a chairman, honorary chairman, vice chairman, vice chairman, election or recall by the committee, each term of 5 years and shall be eligible for re-election for more than two consecutive.

Chairman of the Executive Committee as the chief executive officer of the Federation, the chairman of the Executive Committee in charge, exercise the following powers:

(1) the association presided over the daily work, organize the implementation of resolutions of the executive committee;

(2) the organization of the implementation of the annual development programme;

(3) to formulate a scheme for the internal management of the federation;

(4) to formulate the basic management system of the federation;

(5) the specific rules and regulations of this union;

(6) to the appointment or dismissal of the person in charge of finance;

(7) the Executive Committee of other powers granted by the.

Twenty-second Secretariat

The 1 Federation with the Secretariat, the Secretariat belonging to the executive committee. Secretariat is the permanent office of the Federation to assist the chairman in his work.

2 Secretariat secretary general, appointed by the chairman of the executive committee. The Secretariat consists of a number of departments, the Department set up according to the actual needs of the joint development need to do the necessary adjustments.

3 the Secretariat budget is the association of an integral part of the budget, the budget shall be made by the Executive Committee decided.

4 in the budget, the Secretary General has the right to sign the agreement on behalf of the secretariat.

5 the Secretary General shall report to the Executive Committee and the statement of its duties.

6 the Secretary General may dismiss the Secretariat staff according to the relevant laws and regulations.

7 the duties of the secretary general are as follows:

A. is responsible for the preparation and organization of all meetings of the Association;

B. Executive Council resolution;

C. prepares annual work report and annual budget for the forum, and submits to the Council for consideration;

D. responsible for the financing and operation of the forum;

E. responsible for drafting or modifying the rules and regulations of the forum, and report to the Council for approval;

F. is responsible for the board of directors and the executive committee members of the daily contact and other related services;

G. other matters entrusted by the board of directors;

H. assist the chairman of the Executive Committee to perform their duties.

Chapter IV Financial management

Twenty-third sources of funds

The fund is derived from:

1, member or honorary member pay annual fee;

2 admission, sponsorship (pending resolution);

3, subsidies, donations, bequests and by inheritance obtained income;

4, other income and benefits.

Twenty-fourth expenditure

The expenses of this union include:

1, the special business expenses;

2, the cost of the project;

3, daily office expenses;

4, the staff employed by the travel costs, living allowances and other necessary expenses.

Examination and approval of twenty-fifth expenditure

1. The expenses for the major projects of the Federation shall be subject to the consent of the board of directors of the decision to be made by the Secretariat;

2, daily expenses and personal expenses by tolerance, chairman of the executive committee approval, verification;

3, the specific financial system, by the Secretariat of the Ministry of finance to develop, after the approval of the board of directors to implement.

Each year, in the last fiscal year after the end of the six (6) months, in addition to the special circumstances of the Council agreed to extend the maximum of five (5) months, should be held at least once a member of the general assembly. In this case, the Executive Committee shall prepare and submit the annual report on the affairs of the association and policy. The Executive Committee to the General Assembly should also submit the balance sheet and cash flow statement, including the approval of the relevant explanation.

The above materials shall be signed by all the members of the Executive Committee, if the signature is required for deletion. Under reasonable circumstances, any member may request on behalf of all the members of the Executive Committee and fulfill its obligations.

4 if the above material legitimacy not by accounting according to the "Holland civil code" article 393rd paragraph first that Congress must appoint committees each year by at least two members of the executive committee consisting of people outside.

5 executive committee director of the conference has the obligation to catch for all requested information, and allow the Commission to investigate all the relevant registration documents.

6 the committee shall examine all the documents mentioned in the second paragraph and third paragraph of this article.

7 if the committee considers that the above-mentioned documents need to be specialized in accounting knowledge, the committee may refer the matter to the experts for advice, and the relevant fees are to be borne by the association. The committee shall report the results to the council.

The twenty-sixth fiscal year for calendar year January 1st to December 31st.

Chapter V Modification of articles of Association

Twenty-seventh articles of amendment

1 members of the general assembly may decide to amend the articles of association.

2 amendment to the articles of association shall be attended by at least 2/3 (2/3) of the members to attend or appoint a representative to attend the meeting, the participating members at least 2/3 (2/3) vote by. If less than 2/3 (2/3) of the members present or appointed representatives to attend the meeting, the first meeting of the four (4) weeks can be convened the second meeting, the proposal to amend the articles of Association (2/3) by at least 2/3 members voted through, without calculating the members present or appoint representatives to attend the number.

3 all members of the Executive Committee has the right to sign the amendments to the constitution of the notarization.

Chapter VI Dissolution and liquidation

Twenty-eighth associations to dissolve

1 dissolution conditions

A. according to the General Assembly unanimously decided to dissolve;

B. if there is no member of the federation;

C. according to the law and the court decision.

According to the first paragraph of this article a of the dissolution of the association, if Congress has no other decision by the executive committee is responsible for the elimination of assets.

2 according to the preceding paragraph, the dissolution of the Federation shall explain why the resolution of the assets and liabilities, the reasons shall be combined to roughly the same.

3 the copy records of the joint meeting of the association shall be kept by the bankruptcy assignee for seven years after the dissolution of the federation.

Chapter VII Supplementary provisions

Article twenty-ninth of the articles of association by the board of directors meeting to consider the adoption of effective interpretation of the Federation executive committee.