International Creative Economy (Beijing) Forum


     Sponsored by the International Federation of the mayor, the world trade network alliance to join the United Nations Conference on Trade and development of Creative Industry Department, jointly organized the international creative Economic Forum (Beijing) "on the" creative industries to enhance the transformation and sustainable development of the city, the relationship between "theme, with dignitaries from around the world, outstanding creative economic projects the performer of in-depth discussion.

     Since the last century the late 90s "creative industries" file path first proposed the "creative industries" concept of the past 30 years, the western developed countries has a long history of the ancient city full of traditional style full of vigour; the underlying reason is that the Creative City Dongfeng economic double changes...... Immediately, then into a creative innovation trend, irresistible tendency to spread from developed countries to developing countries, even the global world. Senior adviser to the United Nations Development Programme on South South Cooperation Bureau Lara Deheinzelin believes that the creative economy, formed by economic and social, environmental and cultural dimensions of the creative economy, just a simple economic model is not, each dimension have corresponding capital factors and form a benign interaction between human capital and cultural capital social capital, environment, capital, financial capital can produce intellectual capital, intellectual capital, technology capital, technology capital to promote natural capital, natural capital continued into financial capital, and ultimately the formation of excellent creative economy sustainable development.

     Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang in Davos Switzerland in 2015 "World Economic Forum" in his opening speech, put forward the concept of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", points out that there is infinite wealth of economic development is an inexhaustible "gold"; at the same time, emphasizing the maximum power of economic China from reform and innovation, said Chinese the government continued to give incentives to give to innovators, creator of space for entrepreneurs to ensure, with talent, entrepreneurial development stage for them, let the Western wisdom of the collision and exchange of science and technology, cultural fusion......

     With the vigorous development of the international creative industry as the background, the "International Creative Economy (Beijing) forum participants" on the "push" The Belt and Road "construction, promote" The Belt and Road "Inter City friendly exchanges and economic cooperation" and "global creative economic trends and dynamic", "innovation of science and technology and industrial restructuring" the Internet + era of creative design "and" creative industry and real estate industry integration model "and other topics, talk about cooperation, to sort out each one airs his own views, the world will be creative city construction as a means of economic revitalization and put forward the" high degree of integration of force "and" outstanding creativity "and" competitive "and" extraordinary resilience "spirit of the city establish; city is the world's outstanding creative and cultural center", as well as the construction of "creative cultural city" strategy...... The forum in the United Nations "creative economy report 2013" put forward the future strategic goal of sustainable development for 30 years to learn from other countries, promote the development of a city of outstanding creative industry project experience, participants carry their new project, new technology and financial capital combining, and this forum as a platform for 27 billion projects signed on the spot yuan, to boost exchanges and cooperation with the international city of creative economy, thus forming a win-win situation between the city and the sustainable development of the new situation of mutual benefit and.

     "The International Creative Economy (Beijing) the important achievements of the forum", as well as by the International Association of mayors initiative, all participants concluded "beautiful city declaration", and as the city of the future programme of action to develop green, harmonious and civilized, to promote peace and tranquility in the global village of mankind.